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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services In Plantation & Cape Coral, FL

Mold Questions

A – High humidity and water intrusion. Any type of moisture that gets into your home can cause mold. This is extremely common in Florida

A – A mold or mildew smell coming from under the dishwasher or facets. Colds, coughing, sneezing, allergies coming up can be a sign.

A – Breathing in high concentrated mold for long periods of time can cause sickness

Water Damage Questions

A – Faster response means less chance of mold growth

General Questions

A – Once you submit a claim with your home insurance company we can work directly with them. In some cases you won’t pay a cent, in others there may be a deductible. We will support you through this process.

A – We offer free estimates and free inspections!

Home Disinfectant Questions

A – Yes it removes all traces of the COVID-19 virus. Your space will be COVID-19 free when we leave.

Is a Previous Flood Still Causing Problems at Your Property?

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